Reports have been circulating once again about a new burqa ban... but this time, it's reported that ISIS has banned the conservative garment for women.

Did ISIS really just ban the burqa? Previously the extremist group has forced women in the areas under its control to wear the garment... or face severe consequences. So, why such an extreme 180?

Well, according to the original report by Iran's Al Alam news site, women have only been forbidden from wearing the veil in ISIS security and military facilities in Iraq’s Mosul. However, women are still required to wear the burqa in all other areas of the city.

For the most part, nothing has changed.

The ISIS decision has come after several high ranking ISIS officials were reportedly attacked and killed by women wearing the garment. The group has apparently determined that the security risks of women in the burqa outweigh the importance of the group's extreme modesty policies.

However, considering women have reportedly been killed or beaten for not complying with the groups strict guidelines regarding the burqa in the past, the decision is still a bit of a u-turn. Earlier this month, Syrian women were reportedly attacked by ISIS members because their eyes were too exposed.

These reports come as westerners have been heatedly debating the burqa, with several French cities attempting to ban burkini swimwear at beaches.