Ever got out of a taxi and went about your day only to realize you forgot something back in your drive? Well, you're not alone.

It turned out everyone's leaving things behind in Uber cars.

On Monday, the ride hailing app published a Lost & Found Index covering the MENA region and Pakistan ... and the results are quite surprising. 

The list features items passengers forgot in cabs, in addition to information on most "forgetful" days and cities.

According to the statistics, the most forgetful day of the year in Saudi Arabia was Nov. 1, 2018. While in the UAE, Uber users left behind the most items on New Year's day. In Egypt, the most forgetful day was Jan. 31, 2019. 

"Uber riders are most forgetful on Thursdays and Wednesdays, and in the afternoon – between 5pm and 7pm," the report explains

People are most likely to forget: 

  • Clothes on Sunday
  • Keys on Mondays
  • Phones/cameras on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Wallets/purses on Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Backpacks and luggage on Saturdays

Keys, phones, wallets, and glasses were the most common items forgotten in the cars, but there were also some unique personal belongings that were left behind.

A few of the latter caught our eye, because, well, they're just too Arab.

Someone forgot their shisha

Pretty Arab of them, we must say. 

Another forgot a Dokha set (Arabian tobacco)

Source: The National

Because cigarettes are too mainstream. 

A person left behind a bag of spices (???)

No Arab will ever go anywhere without their spices. 

A platter of eggs 🍳🍳 made it to the lost and found list

We really don't go anywhere without food, do we?

So ... a sibling was left behind 😳

Yep, a passenger in the region left their Uber but forgot one of their siblings back in there.

An air conditioner ...

We bet you it happened somewhere in the Gulf. 

When it comes to forgetfulness, which Arab cities dominated the list?

According to Uber's list, Saudi Arabia's Qassim topped the ranks with its forgetfulness. 

Here are the other Arab cities and their ranks, from most forgetful to least:

  1. Qassim (Saudi Arabia)
  2. Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  3. Medina (Saudi Arabia) 
  4. Eastern Province (Saudi Arabia) 
  5. Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) 
  6. Dubai (UAE)
  7. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) 
  8. Manama (Bahrain)
  9. Beirut (Lebanon) 
  10. Amman (Jordan) and 12. Cairo (Egypt)