Source: UZINYC

At first glance, the dress pictured above looks like a simple black dress ... until you notice the description that reads: "Refugee Dress Black $119". Yup, you read that right.

Just when you thought the fashion industry could not sink any lower when it comes to cultural appropriationfetishization, and overall tone-deafness, marketers went the extra mile to prove you wrong.

The "Refugee Dress" is part of Brooklyn-based brand UZI NYC's new collection, which has stirred outrage online for undermining the struggles of displaced people to a mere fashion statement.

UZI NYC's official website describes the sleeveless dress, which comes in different colors, as "Loose Fit, Finely woven, 100% cotton with slight wrinkle effect".

The website also lists the dress as "pre-washed," which makes it all the more confusing. 

It seems as though the dress is supposed to give buyers the "refugee" look (whatever that means) ... for $119. Lest we forget that refugees are anything but monolithic and that they come from different backgrounds.

Trying to give the designer the benefit of the doubt, several social media users and media outlets have reached out to UZI NYC for clarification, but the retailer has not yet replied.

Not holding back, here's what many think of the 'refugee' dress: 

Marketing has spiraled downhill

"Fetishization of refugees"

The price is all the more offensive

"What possessed you to think this was OK?"

It seems like UZI is blocking people for asking questions