Demi Lovato is showing that she's too cool for the summer as she strolls around Disney Land holding hands with an openly gay feminist Middle Eastern DJ.

While the singer hasn't commented on the speculations, it seems that we might be right about this: Demi's dating Lauren Abedini

And to be frank, we're kind of jealous.

The couple was seen holding hands and having fun on Sunday. 

However, what really caught our attention was the fact that Demi was holding on to something other than Lauren's hand. *wink*wink*

Even though nothing has been confirmed yet, Lovato's fans have gone nuts over the news.

"Demi's rumored girlfriend is so beautiful wowowowowow i'm proud [sic]," tweeted aIexsanvers.

Some were even jealous of Demi for being with Lauren

According to her own website, Lauren Abedini is known as DJ KITTENS and is based in LA.  

When she sat down with The5to9Life, she said that she's "a Persian mutt who grew up on a whole lot of good music. Lots of Jazz, RnB, Hip Hop, Funk, and Disco thanks to my mother and more modern stuff from taking dance classes my whole life." 

Lauren Abedini, Demi Lovato, Dating
Lauren Abedini aka DJ KITTENS Source: sbe

She looks like a keeper, Demi.

Demi Lovato, Lauren Abedini, Dating
Lauren Abedini & Demi Lovato Source: Capricho