Dear Trump,

Thank you for being so outrageous that people had no choice but to stand up for us Muslims -- your targeting of a religious group has become a symbol of your disrespect for democracy. 

Thank you for collectively blaming Muslims and finally putting a face on Islamophobia that we all knew existed, but did not know how to properly pinpoint. 

When you say that Islam hates "us", what we hear is: YOU hate Islam. 

Dear Trump, 

I never thought I would second-guess visiting my hometown in America these next four years. 

Thank you, for turning the America I grew up in and cherished to the America I fear. 

Having said that, I've also never seen solidarity with Muslims sweep the nation like this. It moves me. It humbles me. And I just want to say: 

Thank you, Trump. By being a blatant affront to America's values, you've given Islamophobia the attention that it deserves. 

Here are some snippets of the pro-Muslim waves of solidarity that Americans have put on full display over the last four days. 

Mass demonstrations of love

CEOs speak out and donate millions in solidarity

A number of Silicon Valley's top leaders have spoken out against Trump's Muslim Ban. 

"Apple would not exist without immigration, let alone thrive and innovate the way we do," writes Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, following the ban that has left people from 7 Muslim majority countries at risk of deportation. 

Google has created a $2 million crisis funds and collected $2 million in donations from employees to be distributed to 4 organizations in solidarity with Muslims and immigrants including: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Immigrant Legal Resource Center, International Rescue Committee and UNHCR. 

Netflix's very own Reed Hastings spoke out against Trump, criticizing him for putting a barrier on the over 600,000 dreamers in the country. 

Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz said the coffee chain plans to hire 10,000 refugees in its stores worldwide in response to the 'immigration ban' which has left countless of Muslims without a home and a shaky future. 

Lyft donated $2 million to the ACLU -- a move that sparked a #DeleteUber campaign on social media as the company was criticized for continued business during a taxi strike outside JFK airport. 

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky tweeted that the company will offer "free housing" to all refugees who have been impacted by Trump's crackdown on immigration. 

Senators, Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State join in

Celebrities crush Trump's ban as they protest their hearts out

Powerful signs on the red carpets

Walking the streets in solidarity

Dedicating speeches at award shows to all those affected

In the end it boils down to friendships