A deadly 7.3 magnitude earthquake near the Iran-Iraq border left hundreds dead and thousands injured this week, and yet there has been little international concern or attention.

Considered the deadliest of the year so far, 400 people were reportedly killed in Iran and nearly 8,000 injured, according to the BBC. As for Iraq, at least 10 were reported dead and more than 400 were injured, Al Jazeera reported.

Countless others have been left homeless, with all their belongings trapped inside collapsed buildings.

“Immediately after I managed to get out, the building collapsed,” Kokab Fard, a housewife from the affected area, told TIME. “I have no access to my belongings.”

“I tried to get back to pick up some stuff but it totally collapsed in the second wave," Reza Mohammadi, another affected resident, said.

Yet, despite the horrific loss of life and widespread destruction, little attention has been given to the crisis. This is especially noticeable when comparing it to the massive attention received by hurricanes that hit the United States earlier this year.

A former U.S. TV anchor pointed out that the earthquake has been "under-reported"

Others on social media saw it too

American actress Stephanie Klemons made comparisons

"Politics shouldn't intervene with supporting people"

Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias took note, tweeting his support and encouraging his followers to do the same

Will the rest of the world notice?