The infamous radical group, the so-called Islamic State (Daesh), has been using social media outlets, mainly Twitter, to launch hate campaigns and send out death threats to prominent individuals. 

According to Reuters, the militants are currently working on their own social media platform to aid them in running their agendas. 

Over the last couple of years, many prominent figures have received concerning life-threatening messages over their political stands, occupations, or even personal lives. 

We're listing four of the most recent incidents. 

1. Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg

Screenshot from ISIS' video Source: Vanity Fair

The terror group has directly threatened the CEOs of Twitter and Facebook, in a 25-minute video titled ''Flames of the Supporters.'' 

The threat against the Silicon Valley giants roots from their efforts to shut down IS affiliated accounts, preventing them from spreading their horrors across their social media platforms. 

2. Mona Shaddad and cast members of 'Black Crows'

Source: newsapi

The Kuwaiti actress played the role of a single woman looking for a husband and repeatedly failing, so she decides to join the radical group in hopes of becoming one of their ''Jihadi brides." 

The Ramadan series, Black Crows, depicts the life of horror led by captives and brides of the terrorist group. 

Mona Shaddad, along with many cast and crew members, received death threats from IS.

“I’m not afraid because I know that my first protector is God almighty. Secondly, this production had and has the protection of several governments, and especially from the owner of MBC Group," Sahddad told to Al Arabiya

3. Karar Nushi

Source: metro

Iraqi male model, Karar Nushi, was reportedly murdered by IS in Baghdad, over his physical appearance and personal relationships. 

Nushi's body was found with multiple stab wounds and signs of brutal torture.

The Fine Arts student and aspiring actor had reportedly received multiple threats over his ''long hair and tight-fitting clothes,'' according to The Independent, before his death.

4. Piers Morgan

Source: Salon

Former Britain's Got Talent judge and current host of Good Morning Britain claims he has received death threats from IS on Twitter. His response to them was rather brave, as he mentions in his interview with Digital Spy.

“They tell me, 'Your going to be beheaded by ISIS’, so I correct their grammar and the next thing you know, the tweet is deleted," Morgan says.

He explains he is unworried about vocal enemies, he rather fears the silent ones.