Nothing screams "love-hate relationship" like growing up with curly hair. On one hand, taming those wild, unpredictable curls is pretty much an extreme sport, or even a work of art. But, on the other, no feeling can compare to the glory of a good hair day, during which your gorgeous locks steal the show and set you apart from the crowd.

The struggles are all too familiar if you're an Arab woman, which means you are more likely to be blessed with curly hair. It also means you're more likely to hear some irksome comments suggesting you give up on your curls.

Well, if you're ever short on curly hair inspiration or if you're on the lookout for the latest tips and tricks, there are some bloggers of Arab origins bringing you everything you need to know about your natural curls. 

Behold, some Arab curly hair excellence:

1. Sarah Angius

One look at Angius' vibrant locks will inspire you to ditch that straightener and embrace your curls. The Iraqi fashion and beauty blogger, who happens to be a former hairstylist, offers tips on how to nourish and style your curls.

"I believe that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confidant about herself and the way she looks. All of this begins with understanding what your hair needs and how you can help it look better," she writes

2. Merian

Another curly hair guru of Iraqi origin, Merian has taken it upon herself to create products catering to women with curly locks. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, Merian founded Bounce Curl, a growing line of hair products made of carefully-selected natural ingredients, which has become a staple brand in the curly hair world.

Merian, who was born in the U.S., told StepFeed she aims to encourage Middle Eastern women to embrace their curly hair.

"I've traveled to the Middle East and I still see a lot of women chemically straightening their hair. I want to inspire them to love their natural curls. We all have such beautiful hair," she said.

3. Nirvana Salam

The California-based Egyptian influencer has dedicated her platform to advocating for natural hair and sharing tips, tutorials, and product reviews. Salam emphasizes that reaching one's curly hair potential requires a journey of trial and error, urging her followers to "trust the process."

"Invest in your hair; it's the crown you never take off," she says.

4. Janet Amrani

Born in England to Algerian parents, Amrani flaunts luscious golden curls that are definitely showstoppers. The fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger is also a Fashion Promotion and Imaging student.

Together with her friend, Cabrini Roy, she creates Youtube videos that include hair and makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and of course, the occasional challenge.

5. Jayme Massoud

Born in Australia to Lebanese parents, Massoud is a performer as well as a beauty blogger. Rocking dark curls that pretty much have a life of their own,  she proves that, contrary to popular opinion, there are plenty of styling options for curly hair.

Last year, she launched a Youtube channel where she offers insight on achieving her voluminous hair, along with some beauty tips and tutorials.

6. Shadia Arsalan

If you've been blessed with curly hair, you probably know how challenging it is to maintain long yet healthy hair. However, the Moroccan beauty blogger proves it is worth the trouble, dazzling the internet with her long, coiled locks.

So, how does she do it? Watch her routine to find out.

7. Dina Ghalwash

Thought girls with curly locks can't pull off short hair? Ghalwash's latest haircut begs to differ, proving there's no "one way" to rock curly hair.

Her platform, CurlyTalks, is the self-proclaimed first curly hair blog in Egypt. CurlyTalks is all about embracing natural curls and showcasing their beauty with the latest products and techniques.

"I'm all about natural beauty and embracing your natural curls, in a world that tells us to do the exact opposite," she writes.