The best part of any birthday, hands down with no arguments, would be the cake. 

I mean have you ever been excited over a colleague's birthday if it weren't for the red velvet, rainbow-layered, chocolate-frosted, or any other cake that's brought to the office? Gifts are nice and all, but they're reserved for the birthday boy/girl. Cake, on the other hand, is for everyone involved. 

Because it's not truly a birthday till you make a wish and blow out those candles, pop powerhouse Anne Marie celebrated the release of her newest single Birthday with cupcakes being sent out here and there.

We'd like one, please

In all pink fashion and extra frosting, British sensation Anne Marie couldn't let her Birthday single slide without some magic sprinkles to help draw wide smiles.

Boxes of rose bonbon shades to match Anne Marie's wild hair

We're all here for this slick presentation and pink cupcakes. 

The entire music video of Birthday is basically like spending the perfect day wearing rose-colored sunglasses with your best friends while pool partying, getting fast food in a limousine, wearing a pink tuxedo (#relatable), and biting into stacks upon stacks of candle-lit pancakes. 

To go the extra mile, Anne Marie dyed her hair full on pink. "Told my friends to come over, to dye my hair," she sings ... maybe to match the rosé mansion she wildly celebrated her birthday in? 

Celebration ideas? Definitely; even more so if you're drenched in pink and ready to have a ball for the one and only occasion that matters the most ... your birthday. 

The pink-themed party is REAL

The comeback single exudes Anne Marie's much loved mischievous personality and renowned vocals

Anne Marie may have taken a break for a little over a year but she's back and badder than ever. "I'm another year older, I won't cry about you anymore," she sings in her latest assured slice of empowering pop.

The birthday anthem was released a week ago and has already amassed over 9 million YouTube views. It's safe to say her new song will have you looking forward for your birthday this year, and maybe a little bummed if it's already passed.

After releasing her critically-acclaimed debut album Speak Your Mind in 2018, the dynamic British breakthrough pop star proved just how successful and dynamic she truly is. The record ended that year as the UK's biggest-selling debut album and has since sold over 2 million copies globally.

With sold-out headline shows and stadiums in support of old friend and fan Ed Sheeran, we can't wait to see what 2020 has in store for the girl with the pink hair.