Saudi Arabia is seldom advertised as a honeymoon spot for newlyweds, but for one Croatian couple, it was the perfect post-wedding destination.

"Yesterday, I was thinking the whole day that I was dreaming," the bride, Angela, said

Davor, an artist and photographer, arrived in the kingdom along with his wife Angela as part of a honeymoon tour they started in Paris earlier this year

The couple visited Oman right after Paris, and then carried on with their honeymoon in Saudi Arabia.

They spent days in the country's Al Ula region, which is known for its beautiful landscapes and scenery. The duo spoke of their experience in the city in a video that started circulating online late in January, after it was posted by Winter At Tantora's Twitter page. 

In the clip, the couple explained how they were blown away by the city's landscapes. They also hailed Saudis for their hospitality and kindness. 

"What we have seen so far is amazing, this nature is beautiful. We like nature so much and deserts, and this is one of the most beautiful deserts that I've seen," Davor said. 

"We have so many friends now, we were here for two days and we met so many people. You can connect so easily with people here," his wife added.

This week, the video was shared by Akhbar's Twitter page, which allowed it to resurface on the micro-blogging platform. However, it was not well received by many, as the couple's testimony appeared to be "scripted."

"You feel as if this is a scripted film"

"Didn't they just over-exaggerate their experience?"

"Our country is indeed beautiful, but don't underestimate our intellect with scripted words"

However, thousands of Saudis begged to differ

"What do people find weird about this? Our country is beautiful and a place the entire Islamic world has been visiting for decades. Now with all the advancements taking place and the shift that happened in entertainment and tourism, it's going to become a spot for everyone to visit." 

"We've advanced and become a touristic destination for honeymooners"

"One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited in my life"

"We're proud of Al Ula and its kind, generous people." 

"Happy honeymoon"