There is a rising demand for coworking spaces to serve the increasing numbers of entrepreneurs, young innovative students and freelancers, as the MENA region has witnessed the blossoming and success of many startups.

Interested in coworking in Cairo? Below are five of the coolest spots. Stop by for an event, rent an office or even use it to connect with like-minded technies.

Founded by Abdel Kader Ahmed, Mohamed Nagi, and two others in 2012, Al Maqarr is yet another initiative that started due to an unmet personal need for adequate working space. Not only does it provide people with a similar needs space to work, hold meetings and host courses, but the team also strives to build a community through regular social and recreational events for members.

Address:  20 El Shaheed Mahmoud Fouad Street, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.

Pros: Al Maqarr is equipped with multimedia display systems, as well as printers and free Wi-Fi. Added bonus? Free hot drinks.

Cons: The court is out on this one, but the closest "con" we could get was that it is not near a metro station.

The cozy coworking space was founded by German Ulrike von Ruecker, 45, back in 2007 before the huge hype of coworking spaces. She kept a low profile for the place to avoid any unnecessary bureaucratic obstacles and relied soley on word of mouth. Rasheed 22 now has two more volunteering key holders, Taimour Salama and Mohamed El Khateeb.

Address: 22 Rasheed St. - #2 ground floor and #16 3rd floor, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt, 11341

Pros: Rasheed 22 is rather cost effective with pricing that starts with EGP10 ($1.30) per hour for the first four hours for individual use and up to EGP 500 per month to become a key-holding member. It also has a backyard with beautiful trees for open-space lovers who are inspired by the surrounding bits of nature.

Cons: While the basic fees for using the space are quite modest, users are required to pay for the use of any additional facilities on grounds, from printing to Wi-Fi to hot drinks. You also always have to make sure that there one of the key-holders is present at Rasheed 22 before you drop by, because if you working on a part-time basis there isn't a concrete guarantee that someone will always be there. But usually, someone will be there Sunday through Thursday, 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Based in the crowded neighborhood Nasr City, 302 Labs is one of the very few spaces that cater to this area’s need for a coworking space. 302 Labs was founded in 2012. The space offers both coworking spaces and conference rooms, and have three subscription plans, EGP 10 per hour, EGP 50 per day, or EGP 250 per month for weekly working hours subscriptions.

Address:  4th Wahran St, 2nd right from KFC Eltayaran, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt, 11371

Pros: 302 Labs is open 24/7 for those whose work requires more than the usual working hours. They also provide free Wi-Fi and hot beverages.  They also have an available library.

Cons: You first have to make it through the Nasr City crowds and find a parking space.

Considered to be one of Cairo’s most iconic and leading coworking spaces, IceCairo was founded in 2012 and is affiliated with the international coworking space company IceHubs. Unlike other spaces, IceCairo’s services are not solely confined to their offline space in Downtown, but are also available online in the form of e-learning and a blog. Online services are soon to include an e-marketplace, a green map and green material.

Address:  32 Sabri Abou Alam Street, 1st Floor, Downtown, Cairo, Egypt.

Pros: Among the available facilities at IceCairo is its FabLab which includes a 3D printer, 3 laser cutters, 2 CNC machines, power tools and hand tools. The hub also has 4 iMacs and free high-speed Internet. Tree-huggers and nature lovers will love IceCairo for their zealous approach to everything eco-friendly, starting with their recycled furniture, water purification system, hydroelectric generating unit and more.

Cons: Use of printers and copiers, as well as fresh coffee, tea, hot and cold drinks is paid by honor system.

Located a few steps away from the beautiful scenery of the Nile in Maadi, The District was founded in 2011 by Mazen Helmy who was previously a volunteer at Rasheed 22.

Address: 51B Egypt-Helwan Elzeraey Road, El Maadi, Egypt, Cairo, Egypt

Pros: You can book coworking spaces or meeting rooms through The District’s website. The hub offers not only coworking spaces, but also a cafeteria and a roof for networking, socializing and peer-to-peer education. Under the umbrella of "‘Knowledge Space," The District is currently partnering with the Dutch Embassy in Cairo to deliver a support program for late-stage startups in Egypt.

Cons: In order to reach The District, you will have to take either a taxi or a microbus from the nearest metro station, Maadi.