A surgery to separate conjoined Palestinian twins Farah and Haneen took place in Riyadh earlier this week, Arab News reported

Dr. Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al-Rabiah, head of the surgical team who performed the operation, said it was a successful operation which saved the life of one of the twins. 

The second twin, Farah, could not make it because most of her vital organs were severely underdevelopedShe was unfortunately pronounced dead during the surgery.

The news has gone completely viral

News of the complicated completion of the surgery went viral on social media earlier this week. 

Thousands have since reacted to it, with many hailing the medical team for their efforts and others sending well wishes to the surviving twin. 

Many hailed the efforts of the surgical team's

"Great job... it's incredibly heart-wrenching and difficult to have to let go of a life to save the other. We thank the entire surgical team for all the work they did and pray that God grants the twins' parents patience."

One gave the other life...

"Farah died but gave life to her sister."

Rest in peace Farah

"May Farah rest in peace and may God grant Haneen health and a speedy recovery." 

Saudi Arabia's crown prince had helped bring the twins to Riyadh

The twins' separation surgery comes a few months after they were transferred to Saudi Arabia for treatment. 

Just hours after the sisters were born last year, doctors in Gaza's Shifa hospital said they would need life-saving treatment outside the blockaded coastal enclave. 

Soon after, online activists and tweeps started sharing the story on social media, asking anyone who can to help get the newborns out of the blockaded enclave.

The campaign got the twins international attention and eventually led Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman to order their transfer to Riyadh for treatment.