Source: Instagram

American television host and comedian Conan O'Brien arrived in Israel on Friday. The late night talk show host has been documenting his whole trip via his Twitter account since. 

O'Brien's trip - which is mainly for the shooting of an episode of his show 'Conan Without Borders' - consists of moments in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Jaffa so far. 

His trip has been met with criticism and biting sarcasm on social media. 

And there is one specific tweet that has garnered attention over the last 24 hours. 

On Monday, O'Brien tweeted that he asked for the "craziest drink in Israel ... and got it"

Naturally, people did not let O'Brien get away with his tweet. It all started with a few witty name suggestions.  

The drink is probably called: "apartheid-tini"

"Free Palestine"

"Vodka on occupied rocks"


"The apartheid special"

Alternative plot twists were brought to the table

BREAKING: "One ginger has no soul"

The drink must've been too strong

Not his first blunder

Earlier this week, O'Brien posted a video about a "recently discovered traditional Israeli dish".  

The shakshuka video, which is a North African specialty appropriated by Israelis and sold off as their own, got the TV host some scathing remarks. 

It seems the late night show host has a lot to learn.