In celebration of Saudi Arabia's landmark decree, which finally lifted a ban on women driving, Coca-Cola released a video advertisement showing a Saudi father teaching his daughter how to drive.

At the start of the video, which was shared on the beverage company's YouTube channel, the father and daughter can be seen switching seats. 

The daughter makes it to the driver's seat of a vintage red car ... grabbing the keys from her father.

The video was launched under the hashtag #ChangeHasATaste. 

The daughter gets ready to hit the road, but hesitates to continue, pressing the brake pedal every few seconds. 

Hoping to calm her down, her father cracks open a bottle of coke, placing it on the car's dashboard to have her focus on one thing: balance.

She does not succeed at first, but after taking a sip of the refreshing beverage, she does it. 

People react on social media

"Love it"


"I'm so happy"

Others raised valid questions ...

That were answered ...

Others criticized the ad's execution

And its idea of "female empowerment"

Comparisons to Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad ensued

"Capitalism is so crafty"

Watch the one-minute ad below: