In our weekly installment of Clients from Hell, a hilarious collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers, we present “What website?” For previous posts, click here .

A client phones in to ask for some changes to their website.

Client: I want to make these changes to our corporate website

Me: Ok, what’s the address?

Client: ….

Me: The address of the website, the URL.

Client: ….

Me: It starts with “www dot…”

Client: Oh! That, sure, it’s “www dot [address].”

I go through the website with her and go through the changes they wants to make. It takes about forty minutes because they want a massive list of changes.

Client: Also we would like some changes on our charity website.

Me: What’s the address for that?

Client: ….

Me: www dot?

Client: Right! It’s [address].

We go through the changes they want on the second website, and they’re relatively minor. This process only takes about ten minutes. 

Me: Ok, that is all fine, but I want to check something on your corporate site. It might be affected by changes on your charity website. If you can navigate back to the corporate website I will show you what I mean.

Client:  What website?

Me: Your corporate website, the one we looked at first

Client: Sorry, I don’t know what you mean.

Me: You have two websites. You refer to them as your “corporate” and “charity” websites. Go back to the “corporate” website. It’s the first one we looked at.

Client: Sorry, I don’t know it.

Me: You just gave me the address, at the start of our call, remember? “www dot etc”?

Client: We only have one website.

Wondering if I’ve gone insane, I then read the first URL she gave to me back to her. Twice. 

Client: Oh, THAT website! That’s not a “corporate” website.  Actually, we don’t need that anymore. Can you please get rid of it?

Me: But what about the long list of changes you just asked for?

Client: We don’t need them anymore, we’re getting rid of that site.

Me: (screaming silently, forever)