In our weekly installment of Clients from Hell, a hilarious collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers, we present “Can you just misspell it?” For previous posts, click here .

The client is a large residential building company, with projects across the United States. The client is looking for a name for a new building, and wants a name that is inspired by the stars. 

Client: But, not, like, star names. or things like ‘galaxy.’ That makes the building sound like a car model.

Me: Okay. How about “Constellations”?

Client: (thinking it over) “Constellations”? Maybe. Yeah. I think I like that. How do you spell it?

Me: C-O-N-S-T-E-L-L-A-T-I-O-N-S.

Client: Oh. I don’t like how that’s spelled.

Me: Okay. then, how about the name of a particular constellation?

Client: No. I like the name. “Constellations.” It’s great. I just don’t like the way it’s spelled.

Me: I’m… I’m not sure what you’re asking for.

Client: (getting a little irritable) What’ I’m asking for? I don’t know how to be more plain. I like the name. just spell it differently. Too many ‘L’s. Leave one out.

Me: So you’re asking us to deliberately misspell ‘constellations’ when we name this project?

Client: Yeah. “Constelations.” I like that. I think people will like it.

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