In our weekly installment of Clients from Hell, a hilarious collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers, we present “But your example is for someone else.” For previous posts, click here .

I was working with a client and suggested that they promote an upcoming event with an email flyer. To show them what I meant, I sent them an example of one I had designed for a previous client.

Client:  This is one you’ve done in the past?

Me:  Yes. It worked out really well – they got a lot of response from the email.

Client:  Right, but we can’t send this to our customers. It’s for a different event.

Me:  Well obviously we’ll update it with your information.

Client:  Are you sure?

Me:  Yes. I mean, of course.

Client:  This one has pictures of shrimp being served. My event doesn’t have anything to do with shrimp. We can’t tell people there will be shrimp.

Me:  Well no, I’ll redesign it. This is just an example. We can customize it.

Client:  I don’t know. I think people will be confused.