In our weekly installment of Clients from Hell, a hilarious collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers, we present “Are you going to pay for the teleporter?” For previous posts, click here .

I’m a photographer and often work on company events such as seminars.

One of my potential clients asked me for pricing for a seminar in Morocco. Both the client and me are based in France.

Client: Our seminar is three days long, why are you charging for four days?

Me: That’s my travel time.

Client: Oh no, no, you didn’t get it right. We only need you to shoot during the seminar, not the days before.

Me: Of course, one day is roughly the time I need for the flights and transit to the seminar location.

Client: I see. But can’t you just BE there, I mean, without all the traveling?

Me: Errr… Do you mean that I’d be in Morocco but without traveling from France ?

Client: Yes, exactly!