For this post – and for all those evenings we get a craving to shisha away the time – we're just going to pretend we don't know about how bad it is for our health .

So, here are 11 ridiculously awesome argileh pipes for those of us who just aren't quite ready to break our addiction.

1. Modern White Ceramic Hookah

It doesn't get much sleeker than this minimalist designed argileh.

2. Ellarum Hookah

Go "War of the Worlds" with this ridiculously cool alien-inspired pipe.

3. HEKK Hookah Mahogany

Calling all hipsters! This one is definitely for you with its wooden case and portable convenience.

4. Hookah Concepts

Someone designed this just in case the Star Trek crew wanted to bring an argileh onboard the Enterprise.

5. Steampunk Hookah

Really, its more than fitting that someone would combine the steampunk style with shisha.

6. Porsche Design Shisha

If you like to spend money, you can smoke this Porsche pipe for $1,670.

7. Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha

And if the Porsche argileh wasn't pricey enough for you, you can always grab a Desvall for around $100,000

8. Fluorescent Hookah

For those of us with smaller budgets, we can always settle for flashier designs instead.

9. Arch Hookah

Who needs all that vertical space when you can have a unique design like this?

10. Retro Hookah Water Pipe

Go psychedelic with this retro glass pipe.

11. Mad Hatter's Hookah

And finally, here's one for the crafty types who want a unique arghileh to match their personalities.