Dubai Airport and Emirates Airlines are both known for providing travelers with memorable experiences.

American model and cook Chrissy Teigen recently revealed she once spent over a day - a full 28 hours, in fact - at an Emirates lounge in Dubai International Airport and absolutely loved it. 

But hey, she seems accustomed to long waits at airports. 

Her "delightful" review of an Emirates lounge came after she let her Twitter followers in on a dilemma she was having on Monday: to sleep in London or spend 14 hours at Heathrow Airport after her super confidential photoshoot in Morocco?

Emirates' social media team were quick to respond to Teigen's tweet, writing

"This made our day, Chrissy! Hope we can welcome you back soon! Enjoy your trip."

Everyone seemed to agree with Teigen

And rightly so

To many, this is the best lounge to get stuck in

"Best lounge in the world!"

Some said they could stay in the Emirate's lounge for an entire week

But then who could blame them?