The cravings after fasting for a minimum of 11 hours during Ramadan can sometimes get out of control. But, moderation is one of the holy month's core principles; after all, it is all about spiritual cleansing and has pretty much nothing to do with food. But, that hasn't stopped millions of people from overeating during iftar and suhoor. 

Does your daily iftar include sambosas, fried cheese rolls, cream-based soups, and sugar-laden desserts? Or do you keep a balanced and moderate diet during the holy month?

Well, your health is heavily dependent on the food you consume, and the case is no different during Ramadan. Well, if you're in need of a wake-up-call, take this quiz to find out at what age you're going to die.

*Take A Deep Breath*

1. What's the first thing you break your fast with?

3. Time for iftar appetizers, what are you having?

4. Now for the main dish. Take your pick

5. There's always a second main dish on the table. Which are you choosing?

6. What are you drinking along with your iftar?

8. Now for the post iftar drinks