The Council on American-Islamic Relations ( CAIR ), the U.S.'s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, has launched a satirical campaign to combat the rise of Islamophobia in America.

The campaign takes a hilarious punch at Islamophobia and the rationale behind those suffering from it. They even went the extra mile and created a website  to promote their new chewing gum, Islamophobin.


Just like all medications, Islamophobin is the answer for all those suffering from symptoms like: blind intolerance, unthinking bigotry and an irrational fear of Muslims.

If you're not sure of your symptoms, here are some examples.

Instead of seeing this...


You see this


You have a panic attack every time you see a Muslim or someone who you think is Muslim


And you're always suspicious of anyone who doesn't look like you...


Some of the side effects of taking this chewing gum include loss of Islamophobia, development of ability to think rationally, and seeing people for who they really are...


Make sure to call your doctor if the symptoms return!