Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night by a fire alarm? The constant high-pitched beep of the machine pierces your brain as you're half awake in your wrinkled pajamas. Not the nicest of feelings, that's for sure.

Now imagine this same scenario while you're at work. You'd probably be the first out of the building, thanking God for the free day off ... unless it's a false alarm, then your fantasy of a day off will evaporate just like that fire rumor. 

On Thursday, employees at Kuwait's Ministry of Education were this close to a three-day weekend ... all because of bakhour (incense) smoke.

According to Erem News, an alarm went off in the ministry's new building and was triggered by smoke coming out of a bakhour stick.

Soon after the incident took place, ministry officials issued a statement on the matter via Twitter. 

"No employees were evacuated from the ministry's building. The fire alarm was set off by mistake and were immediately turned off. Things have now gone back to normal," the statement read

Though the ministry didn't mention what triggered the alarm, news reports stating it was bakhour smoke were all people could focus on.

The bakhour saga sparked a hilarious meltdown on Kuwaiti Twitter and continues to make the rounds online. 

"That's a good one"


"This is a wedding hall, not a ministry"

"Shift at 7 A.M. ... Me at 7:15 A.M."

"This is called a tactic ... she did that to get out of work early"

A few were inspired by the incident

"OK then, I'll use bakhour at work on Sunday and let's see what happens."

"An alarm can't differentiate between a fire and bakhour smoke"

"It's good that the alarm is working"

"Use bakhour at home, you don't have to use it at work"