Chai karak is currently one of the most popular drinks in the UAE. In the early mornings or late at night, you will with no doubt get caught up in the endless queue of people waiting to get their karak tea. It's a must try when in town.

If you're wondering what's so special about karak tea, we've pinned it down for you:

It gives you a reason to see your long lost friends

And makes for a great snack, especially when served in a biscuit

Or with chocolate chip cookies

It makes your car cruises all the more merrier

It's even reached places like London

Once you start it, a nonstop craving for it occurs

You know it's serious when 'karaking' becomes a verb

& separation anxiety begins to eat you alive

Because it helps get your mind off things

And gives you just the right boost in the A.M.

You'll do anything to protect your karak

Karak tea knows nothing of portions

And makes a great complement to your cigar

And keeps you calm no matter the issue

For some, it's the first thing needed in the morning

Or midday

Or late in the night

No matter the weather

It'll always be on your mind

Because ignorance is bliss

Ready to try it?