The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - the largest mosque in the UAE - can accommodate over 41,000 worshippers at any given time.

It's been hailed for its mind-blowing architecture time and again. This probably explains why the masterpiece has been an all-time favorite among celebrities and members of royal families.

Several celebrities, though, have stirred controversy following their visits to the mosque, including Rihanna - who was asked to leave the premise in 2013 following her photoshoot outside the mosque.

Here's a look at some of the royals and celebrities who have visited the mosque in the past nine years:

1. India's Congress President Rahul Gandhi (January 2019)

2. American-Cuban singer/songwriter Camila Cabello (February 2019)

3. Australian actor Hugh Jackman (March 2019)

4. Jordan's Crown Prince Hussein (January 2018)

5. Singer-songwriter Dua Lipa (February 2018)

6. Spanish footballer Sergio Ramos (December 2018)

7. Brazilian actress Clarice Alves (December 2017)

8. Real Madrid's Lucas Vazquez (December 2017)

9. Prince Charles of Wales (November 2016)

10. American TV personality Paris Hilton (November 2016)

11. Best friends and models Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner (December 2014)

12. Barbadian singer Rihanna (October 2013)

13. Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip (November 2010)