What better way to spend your time than playing with an adorable ball of fur?


On Sept. 3, an event titled Cats’ Play Day was organized by Huriarah group in Jeddah, a non-profit volunteering group that helps felines in Saudi Arabia.

Those who attended the event had an opportunity to not just play with more than 200 cats, but also to ask experts questions about owning cats and raising them. The event was open to people as young as 10-years-old and the entry cost was 150 Saudi riyals.


Hurairah volunteers stated that all the money raised from the event would go to their organizations' cats and for food and veterinarian expenses. The point of the event was to raise awareness in the community regarding how to take care of felines and spread the idea of adopting cats instead of purchasing them from pet stores or breeders. Hurairah hopes to curb cat breeding so that less cats would be abandoned without homes.


This is a great step forward, as Saudi Arabia is generally strict towards having certain animals such as dogs, due to the fact that they are considered najis or unclean. Let's hope future events will be held for dogs and other pets!