Homer and Marge Simpson took yet another adventurous trip to Egypt accompanied by other beloved cartoon characters thanks to three young visionaries and artists, Omar Montasser Abu Omar, Amr Eid, and Youssef Swellam .

The fun-filled project came to life when the three friends decided to represent the often overlooked side of the Egyptian society and culture.

"We simply wanted to highlight the jobs that a large number of Egyptians do," Eid told StepFeed.

"We wanted to do so in a unique a way and since Swellam has a perfect eye in photography and the ability to capture random moments that have strong meanings, we decided to go ahead with the idea," he explained, adding that the project "is a way to show the diverse beauty of Egypt but in a completely different manner."

For some, the images exhibit the grim realities of a large number of Egyptians living in poverty. However, the images are sending a powerful message to the fortunate with the use of cartoon characters we grew up with and love.

The message: We depend on so many people to go on with our daily lives, people who we don't know much about and rarely mingle with. Those people, who are taking odd jobs in order to get through the day, remain in the marginal part of society that many Egyptians often neglect.

Though in its early stages, the project was deemed a success. Egyptian nationals in the country and abroad are wowed with the technicality, attention to detail, and effort that the three youngsters put in their work.

"The feedback has been great so far, thank God," Eid said.

Following their overwhelming achievement, the trio are looking to publish their work abroad and perhaps, enter contests that would grant them the opportunities to learn and further enhance their careers.

Eid, Swellam and Abu Omar believe that every idea is worth telling and thus, they hope to encourage and inspire Egyptian youth to go ahead and do what they do best: Creativity.

"With today's technology and tools at the tip of our fingers, we can turn almost every idea to something incredible that will have a powerful impact," Eid said.

Get a little inspired and view the entire project, which reveals a new image once daily, here !