Careem is taking its ride-sharing app to another level, offering transportation options for every single person in Saudi Arabia.

The region's ride-sharing app has launched a new service, Careem One, giving disabled passengers in Saudi Arabia the opportunity to order on-demand rides, the first in the Middle East!


"As a leader in the industry, we feel obligated to lead by example and set the tone for other companies to do the same. We are in the region to offer safe and reliable rides for everyone, including people with disabilities," Abdulla Elyas, co-founder of Careem, said in a statement.

Careem says that Saudi Arabia is one of the first five countries to have an app-based service for people with physical impairments.


The company has brought a new fleet of handicap-friendly vehicles on board


All you have to do is open the Careem app, select 'Careem One' car type at the top of your screen, select your location and click ride now!

The feature is currently operating in pilot mode. Careem is looking into adding more vehicles into their fleet within the next few months.

"We will continue to grow and evolve to make sure we are accessible to all the different segments within our community," Elyas added.

In Saudi Arabia, almost 4 percent of the population have special requirements. Careem One aims to make life easier for that 4 percent


“People with mobility impairment face challenges while accessing transport services due to the lack of sufficient disability abled cars, and this affects their daily life. Careem's new offering will help do away with the inconveniences especially with the feature that allows passengers to order a ride for later," Salem Al Shaman, a disability rights activist, said.