#CairoSaturdayWalks became a popular hashtag among Egyptian photographers and city folk who have an eye for beauty. The hashtag highlights the often overshadowed or overseen beauty of the country's capital by telling a story through the lens of a camera.

Here's a list of the most mesmerizing images we've seen!

1. The images shed light onto hundreds of untold stories

2. Some of genuine laughter

3.  There are words of wisdom as told by some photographers

4. And there are some that leave the interpretation of the image up to the audience

5. There are stories of hard-working Egyptians

6. And the secrets behind every closed door

7. Along with windows of opportunities

8. There are stories of companionship

9. In all shapes

10. And forms

11. There are stories of appreciating the country's history

12. Its culture

13. And architectual diversity

14. Stories of curiosity

15. of abandonment

16. and rebelliousness

17. You'll also find stories of kindness

18. of innocence

19. And of motherly love

20. In short, the #CairoSaturdayWalk captures the contrast of life in Cairo