Valentine's Day is upon us and so are sad social media posts about being single. But who's to say that being committed to one single person defines happiness? (Social media posts of happy couples aren't proof that they're actually happy. We all know it's a lie.) 

Enter hilarious Arab memes that are here to prove that "not" being in a relationship isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

1. Arab Valentine's Day songs are in it to win it

2. You're pretty lucky if you're single this year

I mean just look at the gifts people are handing out amid the coronavirus outbreak. 

3. Because a day for love is such a bore

"Why don't they make a day for food and then we can go to restaurants and eat free meals instead of this ridiculous Valentine's Day stuff."

4. "We're way above Valentine's Day"

5. You're not missing out on a lot cause most of it is all for show

"Valentine's Day is coming so we put one foot over the other and sit down to watch all the hypocrisy."

6. On being proud of singlehood

7. Who's the only one smiling?

8. The only Valentine's date anyone really needs

9. "Me on Valentine's Day"

Happily waving you off to your date and then going to celebrate.