Hollywood is giving Londoners something new to have nightmares about …


Just imagine the world's tallest building …

… falling from a sky of flames and crashing into London!

Well, it looks like that's exactly what is going to happen in " Independence Day: Resurgence," which had its trailer premiere during the Super Bowl on Monday evening.


It's not exactly clear how the Burj Khalifa will end up falling like a missile from the sky over London, but it definitely has something to do with aliens.


No, but seriously. The first "Independence Day" film was released in 1996 with a plot about a massive alien attack on earth.

Spoiler alert! The humans stop the aliens … and now there is going to be a sequel.


Will humanity once again be able to defeat the aliens? And more importantly, why is the Burj Khalifa crashing into London?!?

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We have so many unanswered questions but we'll have to wait until the new film is released to find out …