Dubai's Burj Al Arab can easily pass as one of the most iconic landmarks in the UAE and was indeed built for this purpose. The architectural marvel, it turns out, is also quite profitable. 

Once dubbed the world's first seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab is reportedly among one of the most money-making hotels in the world, the CEO of Jumeirah Group - the owner of the sail-shaped tower - Jose Silva told Arabian Business.

"It's very profitable. It's true that some icons never become truly profitable but this is one of the most profitable hotels I know," Silva, who gave no numbers, said in his interview. 

He also hinted at the fact that the hotel's profits are capable of competing with any other grand luxury resort in the world. 

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow takes a walk along the shore, with Burj Al Arab in the background. Source: Instagram/burjalarab

This is all quite impressive given that the building, which was inaugurated in December 1999, wasn't exactly meant for business. 

In fact, Burj Al Arab was first built in order to stand as a landmark of Dubai but has since exceeded that purpose, transforming into a tourist attraction of the sorts. 

Dubai Holding, the parent company of Jumeirah Group, doesn't usually publish specific breakdowns of profit for any of its divisions.

In 2017, the company did release a general financial results announcement reporting an 8-percent increase in profits. 

The hotel was named the best in the world in 2018

Burj Al Arab's lobby. Source: Instagram/burjalarab

Last year, Burj Al Arab added yet another accolade to its wall of awards after it was announced as the Best Hotel in the World at the prestigious Ultratravel Awards ceremony. 

The fifth tallest hotel in the world also topped the ranks as the Best Hotel in the Middle East at the awards, which were hosted by The Telegraph Magazine.

The hotel is designed by British architect Tom Wright, who created it "to reflect the iconic nature of Dubai under the vision of the emirate's ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum."

It won the title for a reason

I mean just look at its royal suites

The stairs alone are tear-inducing

Need we say more?