The Internet age opened doors to open exchange for information and, not to mention, an almost unlimited access to it. This in turn allowed faster decision-making, greatly increasing progress. Companies and organizations that are quick to bank on this information exchange get ahead of the others. One common thing that emerged from this is companies forming dynamic teams.

Dynamic teams get things done in the most efficient way. They are quick at spotting and eliminating roadblocks as they progress, making them function like well-oiled machines. Team members have a sense of ownership for the responsibilities assigned to them, and they are empowered to make decisions without having to get the approval of their superiors in every inch of the way.

Collaboration is central to their productivity and this is part of the culture they thrive in. These days, it is common for dynamic teams to collaborate on a project despite working from different locations, whether it be from different offices or countries. Working together regardless of close proximity is easily doable with the use of online team collaboration tools and softwares.

Team collaboration tools


Some tools I’d recommend are, of course, Google docs, which is the most basic. If you haven’t tried Google docs yet, your team can leave notes and comments on the document and even work on it at the same time while using different computers. Another tool we use is Invision which practically works like Google docs, but for graphic designs. You can upload your design on the site where the rest of the team can view it and leave comments. When project deadlines get pretty tight, your team can get help from freelance professionals on freelancing sites like Getting freelancers to help handle some aspects of the project frees up more time for your team to work on other things or helps get the job done faster.

Equipped with the right tools, teams can work together faster. They can get things done in due time, accommodating your business’s needs as it grows. Their diversity and drive to hit goals make it worth a manager or business owner’s time to make sure teams within the company or organization have the traits and qualities of a dynamic team.

Building a dynamic team


To incorporate high-productivity teams into your company, you have to pay attention to two things: the right people and culture.

Let’s start with getting the right people into the fold. My honest advice is hire A-team players. These people can have impressive skills, experience and accomplishments. While it’s good to take a look at these, don’t overlook the one thing that defines them as creme de la creme – attitude. A-team players have a “can-do” attitude, and they are problem solvers instead of whiners. Yes, people with the right skills and experience can get the job done, but people who have a winning attitude on top of all these will accomplish so much for your company. They’re the time of people you want in your team.

How do you attract these people? One way is through having a culture that both nurtures and challenges the best of the best. Trusting teams with their skills, capabilities and judgement gives each member opportunities to challenge themselves. Knowing that their manager or leader believes in them is also a huge confidence boost. Allowing them to explore possible solutions encourages innovation. Without tight supervision, yes, there can be the risk of mistakes but you should also trust them to be able to correct these. Having this kind of confidence on your team allows them to grow as professionals.

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