Over 60,000 BTS fans in Saudi Arabia - aka Saudi ARMY - gathered at the King Fahd International Stadium earlier this month to watch the famous South Korean boy band shine on stage.

But little did the army know they'd be clowned for failing to do the wave in unison. In a video that's been circulating online, singer Park Ji-min, better known as Jimin, can be heard saying the "ocean wave" was something incredibly hard to teach overseas and then proceeded to act it out to - what is assumed to be - a Korean crowd. People have been sharing the video on Twitter as though they're sure it was a clap-back at Saudi fans' failed attempt. 

BTS, the famous South Korean boy band, became the first foreign artists to play a "solo stadium show" in Saudi Arabia on Oct. 11. The seven-member band arranged for free shuttle buses, allowing fans to commute from the city to the stadium. They even uttered a few Arabic phrases in the midst of their performance. The band members were treated like royalty, so they probably had a delight in the kingdom, but that doesn't mean "clowning" the Saudi ARMY was off-limits. 

"Our legacy is a messy wave"

Questions in CAPS were raised

Saudi ARMY = BTS' clowns?

Countless "clown" memes were brought to the table

A real-life depiction, too?


ROFL is not just an internet acronym for Jimin, it's reality

"At least now we can say that we made Jimin laugh"

Saudi ARMY is more than happy to be "clowned"

"This shows they [BTS] loved them [Saudi fans]"

Some have accepted reality more so than others

Others have been oh-so-forgiving

But some are really hurt