Lebanese indie band Mashrou' Leila is currently touring the world - from countries in North America to the Middle East and North Africa to Europe - but it seems as though the intense traveling has had its drawbacks. 

The band's violinist Haig Papazian sent out a public tweet on Aug. 8 to British Airways', expressing disappointment in the airline's poor handling of his lost luggage - the very same luggage that contained all of Papazian's musical gear and equipment. 

The violinist's belongings were lost en route from JFK airport in New York to Brussels on Aug. 4 ... and the case seems to still be ongoing.

The complaint on social media came 4 days after his initial luggage claim

Papazian didn't stop there. He contacted them via phone on his way back to Beirut, but was still not properly assisted

British Airways then replied ...

Papazian, once again, informed the airlines that he already submitted a claim

And explained that no one has followed up with him ... even after 5 days had passed

The airline then responded ...

When all hope was lost, the band decided to put in a word via their official Twitter account

And that's when others joined in, sending British Airways' Twitter account into a total notification frenzy

Calling for action to be taken

Some called for more "serious" action

Others sympathized dearly with Papazian

Some were just angered by British Airways altogether

"You dragging British Airways is why I'm alive"

Others were pissed off ... because this only distracts the band from its awesome tour!

Some were just upset because it's Papazian's gear we're talking about here

Simply put: