When it comes to people who look exactly like Arab celebrities, the list is simply endless. 

The latest addition to it? A Starbucks employee who bears an uncanny resemblance to Saudi singer, Abadi Al Johar. 

Al Johar's doppelgänger was spotted by social media user, Yousef Abdullah, who hilariously introduced the Arab world to him in a tweet he posted earlier this week. 

Speaking to StepFeed, Abdullah said he recently came across the lookalike at a local Starbucks in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and snapped several photos of him. 

His post has since gone completely viral, garnering 13,202 retweets at the time of writing. 

Al Johar's doppelgänger sparked a meltdown like no other

In his tweet's caption, Abdullah used a pun featuring one of Al Johar's famous songs. 

"Give me one 'your eyes are my last hope,' without caramel, please," he wrote.

This line was enough to break Khaleeji internet. 

Do you see the resemblance?

Right image provided by Yousef Abdullah

Some didn't think the man in the image looked like Al Johar

"He doesn't look like Abadi, stop comparing them." 

But others couldn't disagree more

"I thought he was Abadi Al Johar." 

"My God, the resemblance is uncanny"

"A copy of him"

Some claimed they knew the doppelgänger

"This is the guy who works in the Starbucks next to Al Rayan, close to Al Jareer bookstore." 

A few joined Abdullah with puns of their own

"Brother, I want to complain about a cruel person whose love is still in my heart." 

The memes were endless

"When you try to make her love the sourness in your glass." 

"They said... no caramel todayyyy"