Every once in a while, a prominent celebrity expresses support for Israel, disappointing fans who advocate for the Palestinian cause.

The most recent personality to do so is Brazilian professional footballer Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar Jr. 

The soccer star, who plays for both the French club Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil's national team, has promised to visit Israel following an invitation from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In response, many fans took to social media to criticize the footballer's endorsement of the illegitimate state and its prime minister in particular. 

Earlier this week, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro posted a video on his official Twitter account capturing him alongside Netanyahu. In the video, the Israeli prime minister urged Neymar and top Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medina to visit Israel.

"Please come to Israel. You're both invited, Neymar and Medina. Bring everyone with you to Israel. Jerusalem waits for you," Netanyahu said in the video.

The video included footage sent by the two Brazilian athletes, as they thanked Netanyahu for the invitation and promised to visit Israel.

"Thanks for inviting us. Israel, we're coming," Neymar responded.

Last Sunday, Brazil's far-right president landed in Israel for a four-day visit prior to its upcoming legislative election, in which Netanyahu is seeking re-election

During the trip, Brazilian officials announced they are launching a trade office in Jerusalem, according to ReutersHowever, despite Netanyahu's efforts, the Brazilian government has not yet agreed to move its country's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Neymar was reportedly one of the first athletes to voice his support for Bolsonaro, who has been criticized for his racist, homophobic and misogynist rhetoric. The footballer now appears to be endorsing Netanyahu as well, despite Israel's continued crimes against the Palestinians. 

Pro-Palestine fans are beyond disappointed

Those who aren't even fond of the footballer dislike him even more now


Neymar is "cancelled"

"Apartheid is no joke"

One word: Trash

"Neymar is ready to dive into some war crimes"

Tweeps are calling upon sponsors to take action

And reminding them of Israel's crimes against humanity

Social media users have previously convinced stars against visiting Israel

Israel has been accused of using international celebrities to "gain positive coverage and downplay crimes and abuses against Palestinians," according to The New Arab.

Prior to the 2016 Academy Awards, Israel's tourism ministry announced the nominees for the top five prizes would receive individually tailored trips to Israel, including first-class flights and accommodation at luxury hotels.

However, Palestinian supporters have previously succeeded in shedding light on Israeli crimes and discouraging celebrities from endorsing the occupying state.

In Sept. 2018, American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey cancelled her performance in Israel following heavy criticism from supporters of the Palestinian cause. Del Rey pulled out of the Meteor Festival, which took place in the Galilee region, after fans and activists launched an online campaign against her performance.