Beyoncé took the Internet by storm after posting a photo announcing her pregnancy with twins on Instagram. In less than eight hours, the post garnered 6.33 million likes --  a new Instagram record. 

Of course, who better to comment on a pregnancy than Arabs ... considering the countless rituals that happen before and after a baby is born into a family. 

Not to forget the war between the families on who the baby actually looks like just seconds after he/she is born. 

Here's a round up of some Arab reactions following the news: 

1. The over-the-top one

2. The one that wants to get all political

3. The cynic

4. The one that's very upset

5. The one who can't be bothered

6. The one who brings in religion

7. The one that's conforming to Arab customs

8. The one admiring the art of it all

9. And finally, the fortune teller