Beirut's Rafik Hariri International Airport had to take down a Christmas tree that was made out of upcycled airplane parts on Tuesday after photos of it sparked intense backlash on social media, AnNahar reported

Speaking to the local newspaper, airport officials said the tree had been set up in the airport's Cedar Lounge with the intention to send a "positive message" to people, while also raising awareness about the value and importance of the different components of an aircraft.

Soon after photos of it began to circulate online, they sparked a meltdown of the sorts, eventually leading airport officials to take it down. 

It all started when photos of the Christmas tree went viral

Many criticized it

"Thank you for the ugliest Christmas tree in the history of mankind."

The backlash was quite intense

"This isn't a Christmas tree!!! Take it down immediately. This doesn't represent Lebanon's image in any way. What kind of disrespect is this? What is this stupidity? Shame on you." 

People made so many jokes

"If the airport's tree took part in Miss Lebanon: 'First things first, good evening. Physical appearances are important for sure, but inner beauty is more important.'" 

"It's ugliness is necessary, so that people arriving understand what they'll see outside the airport"

Not everyone hated the tree though

"If only people were as outraged over the health risks of ongoing waste crisis"

The tree was eventually taken down...

And now...

"Since the airport Christmas tree was taken down due to popular demand, it's now time to call for the closure of the place from where it came: The Costa Brava landfill."