Late on Wednesday, visual artist Bobby Rogers shared a powerful portrait series inspired by the Twitter hashtag #BeingBlackandMuslim.

The hashtag, which was first launched in 2014, but began making the rounds again earlier this year with hundreds of people sharing the struggles they face with identity in an Islamophobic and anti-black world, regained momentum. 

In a series of tweets, Rogers explained that the series named after the hashtag, aims to "put a face to the voices of some of the most resilient human-beings in the world."

"Simply existing at the axis of #BeingBlackandMuslim can be exhausting. You're always not enough. Always having to validate your existence," the artist wrote. 

He then went on to share 9 portraits, highlighting important issues of people whose voices need to be heard.

Here are a few of them:

On facing multiple racial stereotypes:

On being excluded:

On facing social pressure and prejudice:

On identity and understanding:

Soon after its release, people widely shared the heart wrenching series on Twitter and many expressed their admiration: