Days after Jennifer Lopez performed in Israel, an Egypt-based group that supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement called for her upcoming concert in the country to be canceled. 

The pro-Palestine group called on Orascom Development, the company organizing the concert, to cancel the upcoming show which is set to be held in El Alamein on Friday.

"This concert will take place after her previous concert in occupied Palestine days ago, which she insisted on carrying out despite many calls to boycott Israel and cancel the concert," the BDS group said in a statement on the matter.

They explained that the American singer shouldn't be allowed to sing in Egypt because she showed "clear support for the state of occupation and its racist policies towards Palestinians."

In several tweets they posted on the matter, the group also asked people to boycott the upcoming concert. 

Lopez arrived in Israel with her family and fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, last week. She went ahead with her performance in the occupying state despite the fact that a huge campaign called on her to cancel it. 

Hundreds of BDS supporters had previously urged the singer to backtrack on her scheduled concert via the hashtag "JLoDontGo." Unfortunately, the campaign fell on deaf ears.

On Thursday, just hours before her concert, Lopez was filmed touring the occupying state.  

The star's social media posts while in Israel sparked online outrage

Both the star and her partner documented their time there via Instagram Stories. Their posts, captions, and visit as a whole angered many. Lopez posted an image along the beachside with the caption: "The mother land Israel!!! First time here. I'm in love!! Energy off the charts!!" 

This post, in particular, went viral on social media, irritating hundreds of BDS activists who had campaigned against the event. Another post that infuriated people was one uploaded by Rodriguez on Instagram. In it, he hailed Israel as an "incredible country."

Her praise for Israel in the past few days has left Egyptians divided on whether she should perform in their country. Here's a little of what people had to say on the matter: 

Many want J-Lo's concert to be canceled

"You are not welcome in Egypt"

Others can't wait for the performance, though

A few are completely disregarding BDS calls and welcoming the singer to Egypt