CAFE - a US-based humorous news website - created a satirical video in which they advertise a "life-saving kit" for Muslims - and Muslimy-looking people - to put the alt-right in their place. 

"The Muslim Morning After Kit" stars none other than Egyptian comedian and news critic, Bassem Youssef

With its release on CAFE's Facebook page late last week, the video is going viral with over 1.5 million views at the time of writing. 

Muslims are instructed on how to combat Islamophobia and survive the day after a terrorist attack they had absolutely nothing to do with. 

People definitely had a lot to say, with some finding it offensive towards white people. 

Because white people are oppressed? Hmm.

Regardless of the hate in the comment section, social media users pointed to the video's hilarity and wit.

"This is borderline racist against whites"

"I think this is hilarious ... and I'm white as snow"

Others drew attention to how it's both funny and sadly realistic