Bassem Youssef, Egypt's beloved satirist and comedian, mocked the newly appointed education minister, Al Helaly Al Sherbiny, over grave spelling mistakes. The minister, who was appointed on Saturday, has since deleted all Facebook and Twitter posts and has been laying low since the incident.

"Al-Moez went with his sword."

Youssef's tweets unleashed the now popular hashtag " Tweet Like A Minister " and it quickly took over Egypt as thousands upon thousands took aim at the Minister's seemingly ridiculous mistakes.

Some celebrities joined in the fun.

"Dear Bassem, "Al Barnameg" (Youssef's hit tv show" is running on its own. We don't need you anymore"

"I will prepare my papers to be the best in the world."

"End of text."

"We want to see how he is with the English language. You people are very aggressive."

"I speak English. I will make goulash with you, minster."

One celebrity came to the minister's rescue: Mohammed Heneidy, an Egyptian actor and comedian, took it upon himself to say that "mocking is not the way to go."

However, many Egyptians begged to disagree; many of whom deliberately misspelled commonly used words.

"Cleanliness if of the faithful."

"I recommend we change the way we grade tests from Perfect, Very Good, Good, Poor, Minister."

"This is the new sign for the Ministry of Education."

Hats off to Yousseff for entertaining the Egyptian public while pointing out the issues of education in Egypt.