An unlikely fusion of world funk and Jordanian slang makes for one of the most original and hugely successful bands in Jordan: Autostrad.

Led by the main vocalist and guitarist, Yazan Rousan, the Jordanian indie-Mediterranean rock band Autostrad consists of Avo Demerjian (bass guitar and vocals), Bashar Hamdan (saxophone and keys), Hamzeh Arnaout (guitar and vocals), Burhan Al Ali, (drums and vocals) and Wisam Qatawneh (keyboard and vocals).

Autostrad gained acclaim with their first albums Fe Autostrad and Autostrad 2011. Their simple yet bold lyrics play against the backdrop of a signature rock/reggae/Latin tempo. Confronting the daily struggles of the everyday middle-class citizen, Autostrad is a band that doesn’t shy away from topics such as drugs, love, financial woes, work and political fragility. Their songs "Ehna Enhabasna" and "Ana Bokra Muattel" gained major praise thanks to their fast-paced funk rhythm and tongue-in-cheek lyrics. They became hits in the hip Jordanian urban circle. Though the lyrics are in Arabic, you can’t help but feel the music's worldly vibe that could take you people-watching in a busy downtown street or dancing the night away in a Latin club.

Explore the world of Autostrad with these three songs: