Two years ago, photos of Sahar Tabar, an Iranian woman who claimed she underwent several plastic surgeries to transform herself into an Angelina Jolie lookalike, went viral online. Now, authorities in Iran have arrested the Instagram star for "blasphemy." 

Over the weekend, Tabar was detained following orders of Tehran's guidance court, which is responsible for "cultural crimes and social and moral corruption." The 22-year-old has been arrested on charges of "blasphemy and instigating violence." 

Tabar attracted media attention after her photos and videos made the rounds online in 2017. Soon after her story became public, her Instagram followers jumped to 307,000. She then admitted that the dramatic photos, which showed sunken cheeks and a sharp-tipped nose, were a hoax. 

According to the BBC, the Instagram star hinted that makeup and digital editing were the main contributing factors to her appearance. "She had turned herself into a kind of artistic installation," reported the BBC. 

The star previously revealed that she had undergone some surgeries such as a "nose job, lip fillers and liposuction," but that her unusual appearance was not a result of those surgeries, rather the deliberate use of extensive cosmetics and Photoshop. 

In addition to the charges mentioned above, she's also been accused of "illegally acquiring property, insulting the country's dress code and encouraging young people to commit corruption." 

Her official Instagram account has since been deleted. Her fame provoked disturbing commentary on her appearance such as "Corpse Bride" and a "zombie version of Angelina Jolie."  

According to The Independent, a number of social media users had raised suspicions over the authenticity of her photos. However, their doubts fell on deaf ears at the time. 

Source: Instagram

Not the only 'influencer' to get arrested

Back in July, authorities in Iran arrested an Australian couple for taking illegal photos with a drone. The two social media influencers - Jolie King and Mark Firkin - were released earlier this month. The charges against them had also been dropped. 

In Iran, individuals must acquire a permit to take photographs with a drone, according to CNN. Considering the two did not do so, they were detained on charges of "spying" and had been held in the Evin prison north of Tehran up until earlier this month.