Renowned Syrian singer Assala Nasri has just released a new album titled Mohtamma Bel Tafasil. 

But it's not the album that's making the rounds online, it's a meme inspired by one of the songs. 

The song, Ana Batkhan (I'm being cheated on,) is undeniably beautiful and touching. Its title though is the stuff of word play. 

Cairo-based photographer, Omar Hisham, picked up on it, creating several versions that are quite hilarious.  

Here is the full list for your enjoyment. 

It all started with the cover photo of Assala's song

Looking beautiful and younger than ever... But that doesn't really stop Internet trolls, does it? 

1. Ana Batkhan

Source: Omar Hishaam

The play on words begins with the most obvious homograph. 

From Ana Batkhan (I'm being cheated on) to Ana Batkhan (I'm getting fat.) 

2. Then you go to its opposite: Ana Bakhess

Source: Omar Hishaam

3. Most people's favorite superhero: Ana batman

Source: Omar Hishaam

Well, Batwoman, but whatever. 

4. My Name is Khan

Source: Omar Hishaam

That's a smart intercultural one here, referring to the famous 2010 Indian drama film, 'My Name Is Khan.'

5. Ana Batshal

Source: Omar Hishaam

Meaning 'I'm being carried around.' 

6. Ana Batshan

Source: Omar Hishaam

Referring to Hamdy Batshan, an Egyptian shaabi singer. 

It's safe to say Assala looks better, no?

7. The last one: Ana Batkhan El-Khalili

Source: Omar Hishaam

Two beauties in one photo, yes please. 

Khan El-Khalili is an old bazaar district and one of Cairo's main attractions for people from Egypt and beyond.