There's no love like self-ie love. If you're a selfie enthusiast based in Dubai, you might've just hit the jackpot because a museum dedicated to you opened its doors in the emirate this week. 

The Selfie Kingdom (TSK) - with its acronyms weirdly enough sounding like a camera's shutter as it's clicking a photo - is a unique venture that offers "an interactive space that aims to inspire creativity, art, design and promote digital content," according to Khaleej Times

The Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of TSK, Rania Naffa, said the museum "contributes to the spirit of the UAE."

"TSK provides an interactive photo-friendly social space that promotes art, creativity and a place for our guests to express themselves freely and have fun while doing it," Naffa explained. 

Featuring fifteen pop-up rooms with unique backdrops, props, and lighting effects, this hub offers guests all they need to create one enviable selfie. 

These rooms are going to be re-modeled every couple of months to ensure new immersive photo-friendly experiences are constantly made available to guests. TSK will also be hosting unique exhibits created by top artists, designers, and innovators. 

The hub will be partly serving as a co-working space and venue for private events. Given that it's located right next to the Expo 2020 Dubai site makes it quite the place to be at this year, too.  

It's safe to say that initial reactions to the museum on social media are mixed. Several online users voiced their support while others just want to run the other direction.  

Some think TSK is cool for selfie enthusiasts

Others don't really know what to feel

A few can't even with it

To each their own priority

Selfie museums are rising in popularity all around the world

From the U.S. to Austria, selfie museums are popping up everywhere and it seems they're proving successful. 

Most of these ventures don't only offer visitors options to click photos of themselves but also allow them to have their photos taken using special backdrops designed to create cool photo aesthetics.