Egyptian singing sensation, Umm Kulthum, rose to fame in the mid-40s, becoming one of the most prominent figures of her time.

Even years after her death, her astounding talent and remarkable voice remain unmatched to this day. 

Whether you're a big fan or not, this quiz will help you test your knowledge on the Star of the East. 

1. What other hononary name was given to Umm Kulthum?

umm kulthum, egyptian singer,
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2. Where was the Egyptian star born?

umm kulthum, singer, young, egyptian,
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3. "She's great. She really is. Really great." Which American sensation said this about Umm Kulthum?

artwork,  Chant Avedissian, egyptian singer, umm kulthum,
Artwork by Chant Avedissian. Source: Barajeel Art Foundation

4. Where the singer's former house located in Cairo?

umm kulthum, house, cairo,
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5. Who was said to have had deep feelings for Umm Kulthum but never proposed marriage?

Umm Kulthum, Paris, concert, Egyptian singer
Umm Kulthum at one of her concerts in Paris, France Source: Youm7

6. When did the star pass away?

7. Was Umm Kulthum ever married?

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Source: Albawaba