Ask anyone from anywhere in the world, no doubt they'll know what hummus is. More like love what it is. But here are a few signs your love for hummus has gone overboard:

You always have to have hummus in the fridge

Extra packs of hummus in your fridge

More like an inventory of hummus in your fridge

You cannot and will not share your hummus, no matter who it is

You love trying new hummus recipes

With edamame

With beetroot

With black beans

Even with cauliflower

You have it as a snack ... with veggies

Or pretzels

Even basically with anything & everything!

It makes your salads a bit more exciting

Adding a blob of hummus to every meal is a must

Because it gives you hope

That love does in fact exist

And just like other labels, your love for hummus has it's own

Deep inside, you're scared your love may turn into an addiction

And start asking about programs that may support you for life

Till you realize your love for hummus has no expiration date

You know you have found your true love when...

Because if not, you know hummus will be there on valentine's day

On days where you need a 'good sense' of something...anything

Because hummus has been there since day 1

You try giving back to hummus once in a while ... with events like this

Or days like 'National Hummus Day'

Even though you've been pranked by hummus...

Remember, it won't ever let you down