Fans went a little crazy at the end of June when it was revealed that Rihanna had been getting close and comfy in a swimming pool with Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel.

Now, rumors are circulating online that the 29-year-old celebrity from Barbados and her Saudi boo could be pregnant.

Of course, these are just rumors and nothing has been confirmed. Speculation from fans has been fueled by what Queen Riri wore at the premiere of her latest film, Valerian.

Many were quick to note the cut of the elegant flowing red dress, while also suggesting that Rihanna appears to have gained weight. Apparently, some thought these two things combined were conclusive enough evidence to confirm the star's pregnancy.

Some are convinced

Some weren't sure what to think

People quickly made the connection to Jameel

Jameel feeds her well ... or got her pregnant

"No games"

Honestly though, it's just a dress everyone. And as Revelist pointed out, suggesting someone has gained weight or that they look pregnant because of what they wear is actually a form of body shaming.

But of course, if by chance Rihanna and Jameel are actually pregnant, we'll be the first to say "alf mabrouk!"